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Award winning coffee delivered fresh!

Small Batch Roasted in Melbourne 

Ethically Sourced Specialty Coffee


6 - PACK - Variety Pack

6 x Pack - Sample Pack - Try them all

Try the best small batch specialty coffee in Melbourne with Melbourne Coffee Roasting Co,'s  6 x pack - sample pack.

The full spectrum of what the Melbourne cafe scene has to offer in one box.

Fed Square - blend

Fed Square blend

An Italian style coffee the hallmark of what good coffee tastes like in Melbourne. Coffee with a real caffeine hit that cuts through the milk with ease, perfect for lattes, cappuccino's and as an espresso.

Melbourne Cup - blend

Melbourne  Cup blend

Winner of Silver and Bronze at the Sydney Fine Food Show 2015 & 2016. A very versatile that is delicious in the moka pot/ cafetiere and super sweet in a latte or cappuccino. Do yourself a favour and try the original.

Crown - blend

Crown blend

Developed tirelessley for 12 months, working to get the bean combination, roast profile and ultimately the taste that I was looking for absolutely perfectly.

I started off using 36 different types of beans from all over the world, working them to maximise their flavour potential to narrow it down to 4. This is the end result of that creation. Enjoy!

Moomba - blend

Moomba blend

One for the hipsters out there. This blend is sweet, fruity and cuts through the milk with ease. Delicious as an espresso on its own or perfect in a latte or cappuccino

Laneway -  Blend

Laneway blend

A tribute to the Melbourne cafe scene where our coffee meets our art. Something funky, sweet, boozy and of course delicious!

Grand Final - blend

Grand Final blend

The plesant acidity in the cup really sweetens the coffee when in milk, making it perfect for lattes & caps. For espresso's or long blacks its a very complex coffee and offers a lot of depth of flavour. Kick goals with our new Grand Final blend!

Our Story

Take away coffee cup

Melbourne Coffee Roasting Co.'s journey started in 2009 in my grand fathers garage. Playing around with different bean combinations and rations in pursuit for the best cup of coffee.

Over the years we have grown from those humble beginnings with the focus on providing the best coffee beans in Melbourne through direct trade sourcing of our products from our coffee beans, to our organic tea range and direct trade premium drinking chocolate.

Customer service is a huge part of our business and we strive to go above and beyond for our wholesale accounts and our retail customers. Roasting our coffee weekly on demand for our customers allows us to always have the freshest coffee on the market, because fresh coffee is always best.

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