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Since 1920, Riverdale Estate has been a family owned business with three generations of growers striving to improve the quality profile of Indian coffee. The farm is located in the Eastern Ghat Mountains is Yercaud – South India.

Prakashan Balaraman runs the farm, a passionate coffee grower who has pushes the boundaries on traditional growing practices and challenges the processing of coffee with a fresh, dynamic & creative approach.

Over the last decade, Riverdale Estate has transformed from traditional methods to modern farming practices. This includes the additions of a state of the art cupping facility, an energy efficient pulping station (wet mill), drip irrigation system used for the plants, African style raised beds to dry out the coffee and a temperature controlled storage room to store the harvested coffee beans post harvest.

The plantation sits at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level, where Green tip Gesha, Brown tip Gesha, SL9 and SL5B arabica varieties.

The Loam soil in the mountain ranges have a fertile mix of clay, silt and sand perfect for growing coffee as well as other crops that are harvested on the farm like oranges, jackfruit and peppercorn. The estate also has a natural water stream flowing throughout the year making it ideal to cultivate coffee.

Some of the processes that are conducted on the farm are: Washed, Wet Hull, 72 hr Natural, Watermelon, Papaya, Red Fruit, Carbonic Maceration, Lactic, Champaign yeast & Honey to just name a few.

Melbourne Coffee Roasting Co.  is a proud user of the excellent coffees that are produced on the Riverdale Estate, it gives us great joy to know that through our purchases and support of the farm we have been able to support the local farming community which helps people to earn a good lively hood, help children go to school and allow funding for community.

Every time a coffee is purchased from the cafes we supply or a bag of beans is bough through our online store we are making a difference to the farmers we support abroad.

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