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This tasty number was created with a sweet burst of fruity acidity follwed by a mellow delicious after taste. With a long syrupy body and clean flavour notes, the Grand Final blend is a real winner, not only in the last Saturday in September. The pleasant acidity in the cup really sweetens the coffee when in milk, making it perfect for lattes & caps. For espresso's or long blacks its a very complex coffee and offers a lot of depth of flavour. Kick goals with our new Grand Final blend!

Grand Final

  • Grand Final - blend

    Suitable for:





    Moka Pot

    A lovely syrupy body with a lot of complexity in the cup. The flavours that pop out to me are its Mayple syrup like body and a light spice kinda like Gingerbread. There also was a note of a cherry cola that i could tatse when sampling the coffee with a cirus burnt orange tang. Very nice.

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