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Rwanda Ruli - Mountain


Washed Process, Sundried on raised beds


Variety - Burbon


Rwanda - Ruli Mountain coffee comes from 2500 coffee farmers who live in small communities tucked into the hills that surround the Ruli washing station.

In the region , farmers are typically small land owners who own between 75 – 200 coffee trees. Ruli coffee is known for its sweet fruit forward beans that showcase a bright acidity, balanced profile and a tea – like body.

The Ruli Mountain washing station is the first in Rwanda to have a female manager, Glorious. Glorious was initially a famer delivering coffee to the washing station, but was so eager to learn more about the process and eventually worked her way up to become the manager. She looks after 4 permanent staff who are employed through the off season also.


The profits from the washing station go towards funding the farm above the station and the Kiryamo school. Both the school and the farm were built by the proceeds from the Ruli - Mountain Washing Station. The church donated the land and the government pays for the teachers, the school now has 380 students, between 7 and 15 years old.


Proceeds from this coffee go toward providing living wages for the local farmers, education for the local children, healthcare and most importantly, access to clean water.


Rwanda - Ruli Mountain - Single Origin

SKU: 0009
  • This coffee is a real gem, with its sweet raspberry notes and tea like body, the flavour really cuts through the milk and is tasty all the way through to the last drop. The is a real complexity to the cup also with a note of honey and a bit of zesty lemon tang to it.

    Delicious in milk drinks but can be used for pour over bringing out some milk & dark chocolate notes. Not to be missed!

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