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Introducing Melbourne Coffee Roasting Co.'s Awesome Foursome sample pack, designed to give first time customers the opportunity to taste some of our award winning blends.


All our coffee is small batch boutique style coffee with the focus on celebrating Melbourne's cafe culture.


The offer includes: 


Melbourne Cup -  A versitile coffee, great in espresso's and milk drinks ( lattes & caps) also delicious when used in a perculator/caffatiera.


Crown - A coffee that really punches through the milk leaving a great aftertaste, mostly suitable for milk drinks ( lattes & caps)


Fed Square - An Italian style coffee with a kick, tastes great in a latte or cap, with a sweet cocoa, malt finish.


Moomba - A really fun, sweet coffee, light/medium roast with delicious being on your lips till the last sip. This is the sort of coffee that has been trending in the Melbounre cafe scene for some time now, that signature fruity, caramel almost boozy flavour.

Awesome Foursome - Variety Pack

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